How a band got me obsessed with their music, and making room for random coincidences for extraordinary creations.

Khruangbin performing at the 2019 Haldern Pop Festival

Mark: Wanna start a band?
Laura: I’m not a musician…
Mark: Are you willing to learn?

In 2007, Laura followed a friend to his place for lunch. In the living room, she saw Mark watching a documentary about Afghan music. What are the odds, she thought. Wasn’t I the one studying Middle Eastern art history? Talking about that part of the world, in the middle of Houston Texas, made for a quick bond. The next day, Laura found Mark on MySpace and sent her number. A couple of weeks passed, and she picked up her phone to a text message…

Ugur Kaner

Engineer by training, designer at heart, product in craft. Co-founder empowering business-of-one. Former @Memebox (YC W14), @Udemy

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