How to lose credibility and annoy your first time users in less than 10 seconds

Uğur Kaner
2 min readJul 4, 2014

I’m a strong believer of meaningful and user centric work. I love and design products built on top of that belief. That became a rare quality in today’s conversion and retention obsessed growth hacking culture, which goes for the easiest way: Manipulation. Why? Because it’s easy and it works. If you want to create a long lasting and respectful relationship with your users, create great things and drive benefits as side effects. Otherwise, here I’ve got couple of tricks for you to succeed.

Hook them with a title on steroids

Title is the key. Design a title that will get them to click almost as a reflex:

  • Ask your subject as a question
  • Promise a magical answer
  • Build credibility with science and buzz words

Bonus point: Pick keywords for better SEO.

Show them less value, more intention

Design your layout so that the content is not more then 40% of the screen. Insert all ultra charming and generous offers everywhere else.

Bonus point: Use big visuals even a kid can understand.

Drown them into your generosity

  • Are you doing SEO wrong? Sure you do, let us help you!
  • Free course! Everything is free, just for you my friend!
  • Double your traffic! Make more money! Whoop whoop!

Bonus point: Use FREE in capitals everywhere.

Hijack their scroll for FREE offers

Just because they got on your page and took their time to read what you had to say, doesn’t mean that you are done with them. Sneak into their scrolls and pop the question right before they are finished with reading.

Manipulate their clicks

  • Offer big, great, huge, ‘monster’ products
  • Use gigantic buttons with big ‘yes’ and ‘no’ labels
  • Use bright colors for positive and shades of gray for negative clicks

Make them feel very uncomfortable saying “no”

‘No’ is not an option. You want all their clicks, if not their soul. If you can not get that, make it very uncomfortable to say it i.e “No thanks, <insert something obvious here> is not important to me”.

Bonus point: Hide the ‘X’ so that they have to click that to close the popup

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