Meet your closest friend

Uğur Kaner
2 min readJan 27, 2015

Do you feel it? It’s always there. The closest friend you probably haven’t paid attention to for a while. There every second, minute, hour. And I promise it’s going to be there, until you die.

Don’t you feel it? Then take a deep breath. Ah, there it is. Your closest friend. Take a moment, truly listen. How’s your friend? Tense? Relaxed? Excited? How does that make you feel?

Now follow your friend. Don’t judge. Just follow. Take your time. Eyes closed, open, crossed. Doesn’t matter. Just listen and follow.

Where is your friend? In your chest? In your belly? Do you feel the freshness as you let it in? How about the warmth as you follow it out? Do you feel the rising and falling sensation, like waves in the ocean, as you lay on your surfboard- in sync? Perfect swell is here; go ahead, paddle in, stand up and ride it. Have fun together. Feel the lightness of being alive, together.

Was that fun? As you relax out past the break, take a moment to rest with your friend. Listen to it. Put your head on its chest. Think of all positive things you’ve had together. How you’ve been through all of those waves. How does it feel, to reconnect with your oldest and closest friend?

Do this — every day. Maintain and cherish this friendship. The more you do, the more likely this will allow you to open up to other great friendships. Concentration, calmness. Friendships that last forever. Friends that will never fall out of fashion and will be always be with you to the wave.

Have a good day!

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